Priontex is South Africa’s leading manufacturer of superior quality re-usable medical laminate, theatre textiles, clean room suits and procedure packs that are used locally and sub-Saharan Africa. Using innovative processes and a world-class service we offer our customers

  • Guaranteed quality products providing protection and comfort
  • Guaranteed reduction in surgical site infection risk
  • Guaranteed streamlined operational efficiencies
  • Guaranteed premium service levels
  • Guaranteed savings
  • Guaranteed environmental efficiency

Product Testing

Laundering & Sterilisation

The Priontex laminates can be laundered and steam sterilised to 134°C and are tested to more than 75 washing cycles at 78°C.

Priontex offers a broad range of high quality re-usable drapes and gowns to satisfy the requirements for all surgical procedures.

The light-weight recyclable fabrics are tested and compliant with the highest international industry standards
(EN 13795) and carry the mark. EN13795 requires testing for physical strength properties, fluid and bacterial/viral barrier, linting and breathability, repair patch solution.

Patch repair

Priontex supplies various sizes of laminate and microfiber patches which can be heat sealed over small tears and holes which are a normal occurrence during the life span of gowns and drapes.

Fabric composition

The membranes are laminated to knits to produce breathable yet fluid-proof surgical gowns and drapes, which offer greater comfort in terms of personal body climate and an impermeable barrier against viruses and bacteria.

The membranes used in our fabrics are only a few µm thick and are resistant to chemicals. Their elasticity and light weight make them ideal for use in textile composites. Priontex laminate has an excellent moisture vapour transmission rate which makes the fabric highly breathable. The membrane is integrated in surgical gowns or drapes and is protected by a polyester fabric and liner (3-layer sandwich construction). The fabrics are almost lint free and drapes have a high capacity to absorb fluids.

Medical Textile Products
Product testing

Protection & Comfort

Priontex fabrics act as a total barrier against bacteria and viruses. The polyester fabric used in combination with the membrane is particle-free, reducing the risk of wound infections and article load on air filters.

Our laminates are highly breathable (SABS 1163, ASTM E96BW, J.I.S. Z-0208) and favour an optimal body climate and thus superior comfort. The laminates are lighter than cotton or disposable materials. It provides similar absorption properties to cotton as well as similar feel and drapability.


The Priontex gowns and drapes can be washed and re-used more than 75 times. The fabric is tear and abrasion resistant and is more durable than cotton thus requiring fewer repairs.