Decontamination Services

Clean Room and Decontamination Services provided

Priontex’s Micronclean Division offers a full package of products, services and advisory support designed to meet all requirements for contamination control, regardless of the operational task of the customer.

Our ISO 5 treatment process, which permits only 100 dust particles per cubic metre, not only critically eliminates micro-organisms, it also removes particles very efficiently. The essence during this treatment is the management and control of particle numbers. This can apply to dust particles as well as micro-organisms.

Micronclean is part of an international group of companies offering cleanroom services. Its service consists of the supply and decontamination of protective garments for all sectors of the industry that work in cleanrooms or air conditioned areas. The synergy and know-how exchange between the companies ensures constant updating and improvement. It also professionally answers the growing demand for total service, frequently tailored to the needs of a specific industry.

  • Garments for controlled areas
  • Unique decontamination processes
  • Supply of cleanroom consumables
  • Cleanroom cleaning systems
  • Advisory support and training of staff

Our reprocessing plant is equipped with monitoring systems which evaluate and control every part of the process, from airborne particle counts, temperature and humidity to water quality, disinfection cycles and individual garment barcoding. The entire system is backed up by a system of approved records and procedures to satisfy customer requirements and provide a quality assured product and process.

Helmke Drum Test

Each Batch of garments is tested using a Helmke Drum and laser based particle counter, which is designed to measure particulate emissions on cleanroom garments. Garments to be tested are placed in a rotating drum and tumbled to release particulate matter.