High quality surgical drapes, medical scrubs, gowns,
procedure packs, cleanroom products and services.

We offer a complete single-use and reusable medical product range, manufactured to the highest
European standards. Our rental service of theatre and cleanroom linen solutions are world class.

Leading Manufacturer & Distributor of Medical Devices and Scrubs

Our surgical scrubs and gowns are specifically designed to provide essential protection for healthcare workers and patients. We offer a wide range of customised operating packs and trays for all hospital requirements.

Surgical Drapes & Gowns

A broad range of drapes and gowns manufactured from high quality technical textiles. Available to purchase or rent.

Prionguard Products

Manufacturer of a full range of single-use drapes, gowns, gauze swabs, ABD’s and other consumables.

Scrubs & Medical Attire

Priontex manufacturers quality and comfortable scrub suits.

Procedure Packs & Trays

Priontex is a proven leader in the multiple component medical kit solutions manufactured for local and international markets in its ISO13485 accredited clean-room facility.

South Africa's Operating Theatre Solutions Provider

Our service is world class and our processing and sterilisation facilities are ISO certified.

Rental Garments

Priontex offers a comprehensive reusable drape and gown rental service that can be designed to suit the specific needs of the customer.

Decontamination Services

Priontex’s Micronclean Division offers a full package of products, services and advisory support designed to meet all requirements for contamination control.

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