PrionTex has featured in the APPSA journal 2022

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PrionTex is a proud supporter of APPSA and features on their online edition.

Who is APPSA?

Association for Peri-operative Practitioners in South Africa

The Association for Peri-Operative Practitioners in South Africa (APPSA) vision is to promote quality in peri-operative care and a holistic approach to safe surgery.  APPSA vision is to represent and be the voice of peri-operative practitioners in South Africa.  PrionTex is a proud supporter of APPSA and features once again in their latest August online edition.

Objectives of APPSA

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Priontex is South Africa’s leading manufacturer of superior quality medical laminate, theatre textiles, clean room suits and procedure packs that are used locally and sub-Saharan Africa. Using innovative processes and a world-class service we offer our customers guaranteed quality products providing protection and comfort.

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