KLS Martin instruments & trays

KLS Martin is a global manufacturer of high grade surgical instruments and sterilization containers, with factories located in Tuttlingen, Southern Germany, where the world’s finest surgical instruments have been produced for over 100 years.
The Group is present in the USA, Europe and Asia in over 100 countries, and is represented in South Africa for its containers and general instruments by Priontex.

MicroStop® containers

KLS Martin has is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sterilization container systems. The MicroStop® containers fully meet the requirements of national and international standards and regulations relating to packaging systems:
  • ISO 11607
  • EN 868
  • DIN 58953
  • CE-marking
  • Approved for steam sterilization procedures in EN 285 and validated to ISO 17665
The sizes of the KLS Martin MicroStop® container comply with the European Standard EN 868. This ensures compatibility with other equipment used in the CSSD e.g. washing machines, disinfectors, ultrasonic cleaning machines, tunnel washers, autoclaves shelves and transport trolleys.
The MicroStop® filter disks and lids are manufactured from heat-resistant, steam-sterilizable high-performance plastic. The material is scratch-resistant, high-impact, highly resistant to chemicals and retains its shape. It cannot be permanently deformed.

The KLS Martin comprehensive range of surgical instruments is crafted to surpass the most stringent quality standards.

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