Cleanroom Suits

Priontex provides specialised decontamination textiles and processing services. All garments, such as full decontamination suits (reusable and disposable), hoods and boots, are individually packaged and hermetically sealed before leaving the cleanroom.
Decontamination Suits

Cleanroom Decontamination Garments

The garments from the following segments are treated using this process:

Micronclean Worldwide is a partner in the protection of products and work environment against the slightest pollution. We offer a range of garments, manufactured from high quality materials that fulfil the demands, regulations and applications within any company. Depending on the stringency of the ISO, GMP or IEST regulations and demands, our garments shield the shedding of dust particles and contamination from people.

By using 100% polyester material our garments do not shed particles as is the case with cotton garments. Thin and lightweight materials will optimise comfort.

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