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The City of Cape Town’s latest forecast for Day Zero is 11 May 2018.  This is the point at which the City has indicated its intention to restrict water supply to central distribution points.

Priontex has implemented water saving strategies

  • We recover water from our Sterilization Department for supply to our Washing Department.
  • We are installing infrastructure to further reuse water.
  • All Priontex staff members have adopted ‘water warrior’ habits and we have installed waterless urinals, flush limiters and waterless hand sanitisers.

Water Independence

  • We are developing a groundwater solution to extract and treat sufficient ground water to meet demand for Priontex. The project is on track to deliver a ground water supply by the end of March 2018.

 Contingency Planning

  • Priontex has water storage tanks in our Cape Town facility, which enables us to operate during temporary water cuts. We are planning to increase this substantially in the next two months.
  • Priontex supplies the Prionguard range of single use surgical drapes and gowns enabling us to substitute single use for reusable in certain circumstances. We are adjusting our stock levels according to our risk assessment.

We continue to monitor and develop our plans to respond to additional information and developments, and assure clients of our total commitment to achieving continuous supply of the Priontex solution to all customers.

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