Extra Moisturizing Daily Aid for Cleansing the Eye Area of Ocular Secretions, Impurities and Make-Up.
1 Box – 30 individually wrapped cleansing wipes

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Dr Fischer Wipes


Who can benefit from Dr Fischer wipes?
  • Every iMask user can benefit from Dr Fischer wipes to promote lid hygiene
  • Surgery patients
    •  Encourage good lid hygiene at home
    • Gently remove any debris, crusts, secretions, and dried blood without irritating the eye and
  • Contact lens users
  • Dr Fischer wipes can also easily remove eye make-up!
What makes Dr Fischer wipes unique?

Uniquely designed wipes :

  • Extra wet for easy and thorough cleansing (no rinsing required after use)
  • Large size and special embossed technology to effectively remove secretions, crusts and makeup
  • Individually packed

Solution Based-Formula:

  • EYEBRIGHT-Euphrasia plant extract, a known anti-oxidant
  • TEFLOSE-Breakthrough “Non-stick” polysaccharide technology to prevent bacterial adhesion, and also promotes a balanced microbiota
  • HYALURONIC ACID-Hydrating and moisturising
  • TEA TREE OIL-efficacy against Demodex
  • PRO VITAMIN B5– Healing and moisturising properties
  • CHAMOMILE EXTRACT-anti-inflammatory effect

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