Supporting education

Priontex is committed to healthcare training and development. The company supports the Mediclinic student training program and was invited to the Group’s annual prize giving ceremony. The Priontex floating trophy is awarded annually to the Mediclinic student who obtains the highest combined theoretical and practical marks in the Operating Room...

International Aids Society Conference 2015

Priontex is regularly represented at the annual IAS Conference. The 2015 event was held at the International Convention Centre in Vancouver, Canada, from 19 – 22 July. Our exhibition theme was “cherry picking” to promote the concept of making the best choice for product and service. The theme also supported...

Priontex hosts CSSD forum meeting

Priontex hosted the CSSD Gauteng forum meeting in Midrand on 07 August. It was well attended with over 60 delegates from a wide range of Government and private hospitals in the region. Discussion topics included the history and drapes and gowns, alternatives to cotton in theatres and effective surgical instrument...

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